Sri Lanka day 1

Day 1 here in Sri Lanka and what an amazing place it is. Theres the hustle and bustle of the main street and the calmness of the ocean all outside the doorstep.

This morning I was briefed on the culture and history of the country. A lot of the culture reflects on the women. There is no sex before marriage and only 5% are divorced. The men bring home the money and the women are the housewives so if a couple divorce it is almost impossible for them to remarry as no one wants them. The women  would also be left with no job so no money and sadly turn to prostitution to survive. A strange thing here is that if children move out before they are married it is considered a bad thing and believe the person will have many problems. The people are friendly and used to foreigners so you dont get much attention. If you get friendly with men they may think you are trying to get with them so I was warned to just say hello 😂

As the British used to rule Sri lanka, they have kept some similarities such as British education in English academies, same holidays, free healthcare and right hand driving. 

In 1977 there was a civil war where the East were fighting for their rights as they were poor and wanted to be equal to others. This war lasted over 30 years but they never gained their rights. However the people in the east were not the victims. If they killed someone they were fighting with they would dress them in their clothes and pretend they were from their village. They videoed this and sent it out so other countries would feel sympathy for them. 😐

Today there is no tension and the east side is visited in peace. 😆

This afternoon me and my roomate took a walk to the main centre and to the fort. The fort area was built by the danish in the early 1900’s

It is very european style with narrow streets with cafes and souvenir shops. 

This is a mosque for muslims.

I am staying right by the water. There is a big walk way in the fort along the sea.

I obviously sniffed this out as a dog lover. This was a beautiful store with clothes, jewellery, dog toys. All proceeds go to helping get dogs off the streets. There are many homeless ones here. I bought a toy for my dog 🐶

Now we are relaxing until dinner is made by the host family. 🍚


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