Always follow your heart

Travelling was always my dream and I have been lucky enough to travel around the world. Ive taught english in two countries, Ive met tribes, been to remote areas of the world, Ive seen things that have made me cry and things that make me smile so big everytime I think i think about them. Travelling is truly an amazing opportunity but can be confusing. for those who haven’t travelled much you probably think ‘you have an easy life’ or ‘what have you got to moan about’ but for the people I have met in the countries I have been to you will know that travelling is an emotional rollercoaster, its lonely and you could find  yourself even more confused about who you are and what you want to do with  your life. sadly that is an experience im having.

I spent an amazing year in South Korea and came back here for another ‘amazing’ year but it didnt plan out that way. I had this awful feeling at the airport when coming here. I knew something was wrong and that it wasn’t going to be good but I got on that plane anyways. The last few months have been a whirlwind of emotions, mostly crying everyday. I hated my job so much. the children were spoilt, ungrateful and didnt care about anything. I would think back to the countries I visited where all children wanted was to be able to go to school. I found myself standing in front of the class thinking what am I doing here. I started to hate these kids so much. They have no idea about the struggles other children go to and even if I told them they wouldn’t care.

It has been the loneliest  months ever and you can give someone advice but you cannot really truly know whats going on inside another person. I decided to give my notice in and leave the country I said I was  going to live in to return to the country ive said I hated so much with no job no money but with one thing which is all I need and that is my dreams to motivate me.

During these months here things seem to upset even more. World disasters, animal cruelty, people left with nothing. It can make you feel helpless but I know that I truly want to make a difference in the world. If you could see my bucket list the majority of it right now is volunteer work all over the world, and you know what Im going to do all of it. This will be the last time I teach in a rich school. From the day I get back to the UK my goals are to work with refugees, build houses, protect the rainforest and so on.

I may still not know exactly who I am or where I belong but I know that I want to end my days knowing I have made a difference and feel fulfilled in my life. I just hope that I can be an inspiration to others to follow your dreams and that nothing is worth it if your not happy.

See you soon UK


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