A dog can change the way you see the world.

If like me you are an animal lover. You adore your little furry friend and will let nothing bad happened to it. Unfortunately this is the the same mindset people in Korea have. They buy dogs without thinking of how much care and attention they need. They then end up in the pound as the owners cant take care of them anymore. I have been volunteering at one of these pounds and it breaks my heart every time I go in there that people can people just buy dogs and just abandon them.


This is the pound. This is the sad reality of where these dogs end up. Theyre in small cages unable to be let out. We have over 100 hundreds dogs now and with the help of Korean and foreign volunteers, we clean, feed and give them the only small amount of love we can. Many dogs do get adopted, but for every 10 that leave for new homes another 10 will be brought to the pound.


Heres me and another volunteer getting stuck in. We also have big dogs to which are our priority at rehoming. We rely on some money from the government but mostly from volunteers to pay for food, blankets and medical bills.


This is Lucky. I have been fostering him for around a week. He was extremely thin when he came to the pound and obviously hadnt been taken care off. He is full of love, will cuddle and play before taking a nap on your bed. We are currently looking for a forever home for him.


This is just many of the pounds in Korea and a sad reality. We try our best to find new homes and we even send them to other countries. Some of our dogs have gone to America and europe so you dont need to be in Korea to adopt So if your interested in getting a dog please consider rehoming one from our pound. You will be saving and giving a life to a new pet. They deserve one. If you want more information please email me


Facebook: yongin pound adoption page


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